Mountain emergency medicine has undergone rapid development, driven by increasing numbers of people living, working, and playing in the mountains. Rescuers, including medical personnel, require theoretical and practical training in safety as well as in mountain emergency medicine.
They must put their own safety first, whilst providing effective care to victims of illness or injury.
This book is an introduction to mountain emergency medicine. The editors have adopted a comprehensive approach based, as much as possible, on evidence. Where evidence is lacking, the editors have relied on the expertise of the authors to give guidance to rescuers. Reading this book is not a substitute for practical training, but is intended to offer the knowledge base necessary for trained rescuers to provide medical care safely and effectively in the mountains.
In Mountain Emergency Medicine is found the sum of all important research and experience in mountain medicine. Indispensable for all mountaineers, health care providers and mountain rescue doctors.
Reinhold Messner

The International Commission of Mountain Emergency Medicine (ICAR MedCom) endorses the educational value of Mountain Emergency Medicine